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Lead 3D Artist specializing in Animation and VFX
3D Generalist

Recent Work

Ben Fox

3D Generalist Reel

Maya, Houdini, Realflow, Python

Originally a 3D animator, I quickly grew my skill-set to a level that has allowed me to take a lead role in many other challenging areas of creating 3D content.


One more skill on display in this reel is the asset publishing system that I built using Python and PyQT allowing artists to easily manage simulations, publish geometry and cameras for each step of the CG process.


My current role is Lead Technical Director with a specialization in Character Animation and Character FX.

Field Trip To Mars

Lead Technical Artist

Unreal Engine 4, Wold Machine

This experience required an all new skill set; taking 5 square kilometers of Washinton DC streets and building a Martian landscape using World Machine and Unreal Engine.


After generating the landscape asset,

I was largely responsible for level design, lighting and creation of all FX elements. This included, creating all elements for a massive dust storm, cloth, laser and a time-lapse day to night transition.


Merrell Trailscape VR

Lead Technical Artist

Unreal Engine 4, Maya, Houdini, Python

The bid for this job was terrifying.

Create a realtime experience that allows participants to walk freely through a virtual trailscape and encounter a rockslide that destroys a wooden footbridge behind them before a time-lapse sequence transitions the mountainside from day to night.

For the Oculus DK2, locked at 75 fps.


3D assets from Maya, Zbrush and Houdini were used as the foundation for this build. UE4's advanced materials, Cascade particle systems, foliage tools and creative thinking made it unforgettable.

Interstellar VR

Lead Technical Artist

Unreal Engine 4, Maya, Python

I oversaw the creation of over 500 unique 3D assets required to recreate the Voyager space craft for this immersive experience.


Before I was able to lead visual development of this project, I needed to develop Python tools to batch publish fbx assets and automatically create and integrate material ID mattes for 16 different base material types within a single Unreal material.


Once the external 3D assets were in engine,

I spearheaded the lighting, look-development, and created the majority of the Unreal assets.


Marriott VR

Lead Technical Artist

Unreal Engine 4, Maya

This was the first project built using Unreal Engine 4. This piece required accurate photoreal reproduction of one of Marriott's flagship Great Rooms.


I developed a deep understanding of UE4's material system in order to create the rich variety of surfaces needed for this environment. Once the materials were built I needed to match the lighting of the Great Room from photo reference.


Overall, this was a great project to transition from tradition 3D work in Maya to Unreal Engine 4. 


Mars Madness

Maya, After Effects, Premier, Audition

This was my Masters Thesis project. 

I created the majority of the elements of the piece with the exception of the Rover, chair and doll models.


The human character rigs were based on the Norman rig. Using these existing elements allowed me to focus on the core elements of the piece within the 4 month time-line we were given.


Not sure when I will have the chance to create another piece all by myself. So I thought it would be nice to share it here.

After Effects

Adobe Creative Suite

This is a collection of work that I've created as a freelance artist and personal projects. The speed and freedom of creating in After Effects makes it a skill I am glad I have.


Most of the projects were actually made in SD, which will give you an idea how old they are. But I thought I would share them here since the demostrate a wide range of skills.

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